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Sport Fencing Programs 

Beginning Program

Short Term / Rolling Admissions

*Starts immediately

3 class option (price $75)

5 class option (price $100)

8 class option (price $140)


Full Course

  *8 weeks long   *Starts quarterly

Once per week (price $140)

Twice per week (price $220)

Intermediate Program

*A fun setting where the student can enjoy learning correct technique


*Gives the student enough technique and discipline to enter the competitive program


*A place where fencers can be challenged and continue to fence recreationally forever


*All classes operate on a rolling admissions basis.

*All levels include RFA membership and open fencing.

Level 1 : One Intermediate (dry) class per week. Open Ended paid monthly plan cost $125.

Level 2 : Two Intermediate (dry)  classes per week. Open Ended paid monthly plan cost $155.

Level 3 : Intermediate ELECTRIC and dry classes (unlimited). Open Ended paid monthly plan cost $160.

Competitive Program

*The Competitive Classes prepare students to excel in competition


*The Classes are more physical than our intermediate level


*Advanced strategy,  Refined basics, and improved conditioning are the focus of the program


*Operates on a rolling admissions basis


*Coach's permission is needed


*Private lessons are encouraged


*All levels include RFA membership. RFA patch, and open fencing.


With a selection of 90-minute and 2-hour classes, Rockville Fencing Academy can create a program to will enable to reach your competitive goals.

All competitive Classes include conditioning and footwork as part of the class.

Competitive Youth Level (ages 8-14)

RFA offers a 90-minute classes

Tuesdays at 5:15 and/or

Fridays at 7:30

Competitive Level ages 13+

For this age range RFA offers:


*90 minute class from 7:30 to 9:00 pm


RFA offers a 2-hour class at 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Adult age 21+

For adult students taking any one of our competitive electric classes. 

Open Fencing 

Open Fencing is reserved time for RFA members to come on out and just fence.


You must be fencing beyond the beginning level to participate in Open Fencing.





Tuesdays: Dry & electric Foil 7:00 to 8:30pm

Wednesdays:  Competitive Electric Foil.

7pm - 11pm


Saturdays: Adult Dry Foil & Competitive Electric Foil

3:50pm - 5:00pm

For non-members of RFA we have a $15 strip fee, $25 weekly fee or $60 Open Fencing Membership monthly fee.

 Conditioning Program

*The Footwork and Conditioning Program is included in all of the Competitive Full Packages


*Is available as an add on ($70 per month)  to students in Intermediate level 3 classes or above.  


*Works in eight week units each with a specific fencing goal.


*Consists of work in agility, strength and power



Conditioning Classes

Mondays  6:45 to 7:30


Private Lessons

* Private Lessons are recommended for all Competitive Fencers


*RFA membership is required.


*Student needs to have the desire to compete


*E-mail the RFA office with times available and we will schedule you with an appropriate coach. 

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