Rockville Fencing Academy has two different levels of billing

Intermediate Level --this is for students taking our one hour intermediate classes.

Competitive Level - This is for students in our Electric Competitive Classes


If you are upgrading during your contract, please contact our office to 

figure out the difference in payment plans so we can

bill you appropriately 

The Fine Print

Conditions: All conditions from our contract form apply here.

I understand that this invoice is non refundable except for the specific items listed, and that I am bound by Rockville Fencing Academy's LLC Safety, Rules & Waiver form. Rockville Fencing Academy LLC, has the right to terminate this agreement at anytime. Rockville Fencing Academy has the right to close for the standard holidays plus appropriate days for spring break, winter break and USFA Nationals (centered on the week of July 4th). The student may terminate the contract early if 1) relocation more than 30 miles from Rockville Fencing Academy 2) medical excuse with note from doctor.


Options:   These are our most common options.  For family discounts, multiple classes, different number of months.... please fill out contract form and get help at the club.

Intermediate Level Payments

This level is for students taking our one hour long intermediate level classes.

Intermediate Level 1: 

One class per week

Intermediate Level 2:

             Multiple non-electric classes per week

Intermediate Level 3

Intermediate Electric class & unlimited intermediate classes

Competitive Level Payments

This level is for Students in our Electric Competitive Program.

Competitive Youth Level

For students in our 90 minute 7 - 13 year old 

electric competitive class

Competitive Level ages 13+

Competitive level 1 for students rated E and under in 

our 90 minute competitive electric class

Competitive level 2 for students rated D and over in

our 2 hour competitive electric class

Adult age 21+

For adult students taking any one of our competitive electric classes.