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Drop in Fees

Open Fencing

Open Fencing Cost

$15 for one visit or

$25 for unlimited visits per week.

(use  the buttons to pay)

Intermediate Level Classes

Drop in Fees are not available.  Payments are thru contracts. 

Details are in the "Information For Members" tab.

Competitive Classes

The Competitive Classes are paid for by contract or if you wish to keep your contract frozen you may use drop in fees.

(unlimited open fencing is included in the weekly fee)

The Drop in Fees are based on how long the class is. 

There are two options: 90 minute classes &  Two Hour classes.

The Fees for one week of 90 minute classes:

Once per week is $45. 


Twice  per week is $65.

Fees for one week of 2 hour classes:

Once per week $55. 



Twice per week is $80.

Fee for one week of one 90 minute & one 2 hour class is $75

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