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Rockville Fencing Academy Beginning Program is a great way to get started with fencing. 


No previous experience or equipment is required. 

Our goal is to make is easy for you to experience  and enjoy fencing, thus we have multiple options for trying out our age appropriate classes. 

We offer our Full Beginning Course on a quarterly basis and we offer a Short Term/Rolling Admissions program where you don't have to wait to get started. 

The classes focus on Foil Fencing – the traditional training and one of the Olympic weapons. Our experienced instructors teach all aspects of foil fencing. This includes a strong focus on both the Mental/Strategic and the Physical/Aerobic ends of this Olympic sport. The classes are offered in three age ranges: xs 7-9 year olds,  Youth 10 - 13 year old, and Adult 14 and over.

All of our programs include the use of basic fencing equipment that you will need:  Foil, Mask, and Jacket. You will need a glove for the hand that holds the foil. Any thin glove that covers the entire hand is fine: gardening glove, batting glove, golf glove.  If you desire, Rockville Fencing Academy sells fencing-specific gloves.

If you are curious about what a fencing class entails, feel free to come and observe one of our classes -- we have on open observation policy. Visit anytime we are open. See our current beginning class schedule.  If we are in between beginning course sessions, observing an intermediate level class will also give you a great feeling for what it takes to learn and enjoy fencing.

  Join one of our beginning classes and experience the thrill and camaraderie of fencing.

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 Rolling Admissions / Short Term

If you are interested in trying out fencing, there is no need to wait.  Use our Rolling Admissions Beginning Program and start immediately.

This Program is extremely flexible. You can purchase 3 or 5 or even 8 classes try immediately.  You will join one of our once per week classes and receive extra coaching help as needed to catch up to the class.

Full Beginning Course

The Full Beginning Course is run on a quarterly basis and allows you to learn all aspects of foil fencing with other beginner fencers by following a fixed curriculum designed by professional educators.

We offer once and twice a week options. The Full Beginning Course costs $140 for once a week and $220 for twice a week. The course is 8 weeks long.


  The 7 to 9 year old classes are one hour long.  Youth and Adult classes are 80

minutes long.

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