Kendo: The Way of the Japanese Sword


Kendo is a classical sword art that combines elements of traditional swordsmanship with fencing to develop a swordsman with both technical and physical ability and with a strong martial spirit.



Kendo is a great art for both kids and adults who seek a traditional art with a healthy, competitive element.  Kendo focuses on development of the student as both a person and as a fencer, building discipline, confidence, and perseverance.



On Mondays we offer a Basic class.  This is appropriate for Beginners through Intermediate level instruction.  Protective gear is not required.


Mondays:   6pm to 7pm;  Kendo  kihon/kata: 

Age 11 - Adult

     This is the Beginner / Intermediate level class.  The class focus is mastering the basic Kendo movements in a fun aerobic setting that keeps the students challenged. Protective gear is not required.

Open Visitation Policy

      If you are curious about what is involved in a Kendo class,

      feel free to visit and observe any Kendo class.  No

      appointment is needed.


Getting Started

     We offer one free trial class.  You just need to let us know

     when you are coming in advance.  When you enjoy the class

     you may continue for $70 per month with no commitments.

     We offer discounts  when you decide to commit to a longer

     period of time.