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Stuart Sacks


Senior Coach


Coach Stu's style of instruction draws on his experience teaching chemistry  as well as 30 years as a fencing coach.


As a result, RFA’s recreational classes not only teach students to enjoy a lifelong physical activity, but where they learn skills that extend beyond fencing:  learning from mistakes, the value of drills, the ability to follow sequential directions, and improved focus.


When a fencer is eager and motivated to make the leap to competitive fencing, no coach has a better track record of developing successful competitive fencers.  Coach Stu's students have applied the teachings of RFA to excel in diverse ways.  His pupils have put their fencing skills to to use by: 1) Competing in college,  competitive club level to Div 1 schools. 2)  Medaling at Local, National, & International levels of competition. 3) Performing Professional Shakespearean plays  4) Becoming Fencing Coaches  and 5) Enjoying a lifetime of a challenging, rewarding,  activity!


Coach Stu teaches Foil private lessons and group classes Mondays through Saturdays.

Coach Aklesso

Coach Aklesso Augenam was a world cup level fencer from Togo.

Coach Aklesso is a certified Fencing Master who has taught at the FIE coaches training program in Hungary.

He is an FIE level Referee.

Coach Aklesso's goal is to have every student reach their full potential.  He will analyze  individuals and groups ability in fitness, footwork, bladework, and strategy and then come up with specific plans to maximize the learning in each setting. 

Senior Coach


Coach Castilla

Coach Castilla

US Fencing Coaches Association certified Moniteur d’Armes

North American Mangiarotti Society certified instructor in foil, epee, and saber

USFA certified referee in foil, epee, and saber

Coach Castilla’s lessons are student-centered and knowledge-driven.  She is interested in application of the complexity, neuroscience, analysis of blade trajectory, and strategies to fencing.  Her coaching was influenced by Livio Di Rosa methodology and a mentor, Aaron Kandlik, Prevot d’Armes.  She challenges competitive fencers to explore conceptual frameworks and build individual games.  


Coach Kathy

Coach Kathy

Was a nationally competitive high school fencer in England, where she was captain of her school team and earned her coaching certification.


 Whilst in England, she studied fencing under Professor Neil Brown at the Southwest Center of Excellence. She currently trains with Coach Stu and is a rated fencer who competes on the national level. She currently helps with our weekday beginning program.


Coach Badger


Coach Badger


Coach Badger is nationally ranked third* in Vet 60 Women's Foil, is a member of the 2019 US Veteran World Fencing Team, and has medaled nationally over 20 times.

She developed her fencing chops on Yale’s team under legendary Coach Henry Harutunian, and was New England Women's Intercollegiate Fencing Association varsity champion in 1980. After a 25-year hiatus, she resumed fencing under RFA tutelage in 2005.

Badger authors the fencing poetry website Badgerosity, and co-authors the Fencing Fashionista blog with RFA fencer Allison Thurman.


*as of Sept "19

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